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The Rob Saul Show


“The Rob Saul Show's (RSS)” mission is to give our audience the most laughs and information possible within two hours. We do this by interviewing fascinating guests from the world of entertainment, comedy, music, politics, current events and just about every subject area in which our listeners are interested in. 


Some guests are household names; others are new to the spectrum. We also bring our views of topical news stories to RSS and ask our audiences to call-in and participate as well.


Rob Saul has been on the radio since January 2009. A single father from New Jersey, who has worked the Atlantic City Casino scene, Saul is a talented speaker as well as an active member of the community, who has written articles featured in Southern NJ publications. 


Saul is primarily known for interviewing musicians, comedians, actors, and other newsmakers. This illustrious list includes: Anthony Cumia from The Artie & Anthony Show; Comedians: Lisa Lampanelli, Bob Levy of LevyLand (where host Rob Saul also serves as co-host and producer), Will Noonan, Chrissie Mayr, Michelle Tomko and Keren Margolis; Emmy Award-Winning Actor, Brad Garrett; Actress Kristy Swanson; Compound Media stars Dave Landau, Bill Schulz & Joanne Nosuchinsky (Mornin' Show), Geno Bisconte and Pat Dixon; Rock Icon: Grace Slick; Grammy Winners: Sophie B. Hawkins, Bill Champlin (formerly of Chicago) and Marcella Detroit (Shakespears Sister);   Singer/Songwriters: Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso (#SaulShow features Caruso's tune "Good When You're Gone" as it's theme), Will Champlin (featured on the Voice),  Jeff Coffey & Keith Howland (formerly of Chicago); pro wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts;  Internet Sensations: Sweet Brown and Douglas (Mr. Nailsin) Nelson.  


The Rob Saul Show with co -host  Douglas Nelson airs Tuesday nights at 9 pm @

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